Chapter 15

Fire Hammer

Nick began to walk toward where Celina was flying when Vanessa shouted, “No Nick! Don’t leave me!” Nick looked down at Vanessa sympathetically and said, “Look, get out of here, it’s not safe. I will stop her. Trust me. You are safe as long as you stay away from her and the fire.”

At this, Vanessa looked up at Nick and nodded her head as she wiped away the tears from her eyes. “Now go,” instructed Nick. Vanessa stood up and took off running in the direction of the parking lot.

“Now, as for you,” started…


William Stuart dashed forward across the ransacked bedchamber, littered with the debris of battle. The furniture was broken or gone, the paintings and tapestries torn, and the window broken. First, he went to Milada, and with the help of Osbert lifted him onto the desk, using it as a bed. His stomach was badly wounded. Though the vital organs were spared, it looked to be beyond the healing skill of man.

“Meredith, bring the doctor,” commanded the Admiral.

“He came when he heard the fighting,” he answered, pointing to the elderly gentleman that was nearing the bed.

The doctor…

Chapter 14

The Demon Celina

“My God I look so fat in these jeans!” yelled Vanessa to no one. She ran over to her closet and began searching through it for something else to wear. “I need to find something that still fits me that I can wear to the movies,” she went on.

Vanessa quickly became frustrated and began throwing things out of the closet. She had thrown about fifteen shirts. She was about to throw another one when she stopped and looked at it. It was a black shirt with short sleeves. …


By the early evening the forest had already fallen into darkness. As the trees stretched into the distance, they converged into a continuous wall, and nothing could be seen through them. A fog came up from the ground, and the winding road rendered the blindness almost complete. This only made the forest more beautiful, however, for while darkness filled the forest, there was light above. The sun was still in the sky, though below the tree line, and the colored light shone through the canopy. …

Chapter 13

Plant Whip

“So James, we meet again,” said Patty with a very serious look on her face.

“Have we met before?” asked James.

“I was in the Bermuda Temple when you got released. Me and the others were lurking in the shadows watching what David was doing.”

“So you allowed us to be summoned? You, a guardian, allowed us to be summoned?” asked James laughing.

“I was helping Melanie whom David killed and her personal guardian my new friend, Carla.”

“Anyway, you have something that I want,” said James pointing at her necklace.

“You can take it,” said…


An hour before this, there had been a clandestine meeting in the basement of the castle, in a room used as an armory. Twelve men were present, among them Hismoni, the captain of Milada’s guard; Thurston, Selmar, and Fritz of Alfonzo’s band, and several of the soldiers under Hismoni. Noticeably absent was Osbert.

“Now is the time, gentlemen,” said Hismoni, “The hour draws near.”

“Yes, when darkness falls, so shall our lord,” added Thurston.

“He is not my lord,” Selmar said, “I serve only Gylain, and I will not call that fool Alfonzo master any longer, in truth or…

Chapter 12

The Demon James

“Melissa, where is Veronica?” asked Ariel.

“She is in her dumb hut again meditating,” replied Melissa. Ariel then walked to her sister Veronica’s hut. As she approached the entrance it flew open. Ariel peered inside and saw her sister two feet off the ground meditating with her eyes closed, her long brown hair swooping in front of her face and her robe dyed a combination of green and brown. Veronica then announced without a trace of distress in her voice, “Ariel, sister and queen of the Amazons, the elemental demons have been released again. One…


Meanwhile, in the Western Marches, the day went on as well. In the second floor of the castle, the Fardy brothers sat in counsel with Milada. They were in the family room, which covered most of the second floor, with passages to each of the upper towers contained in a circular pillar in the center of the room — thirty feet in diameter — with each door leading to a different tower. The outside walls of the room were walled entirely in glass, with several bookshelves and table standing in front. Part of the room was sectioned off as…

Chapter 11

The Demons

It was dusk by the time the arrived at the center temple. As they walked into the center room, Carla commented, “Took you three long enough.” As it turns out Jonathan, Andrew, and Nick arrived back first with Stephanie and Patty about forty-five minutes later.

Bobby looked up to Melanie and asked, “What do we do now that we have the tablet pieces?”

To this Melanie responded saying, “It is a puzzle. You must put all the pieces together until they form a triangle. They must be in the right place. For instance, Light and Dark…


The Innkeeper led his two companions down the road, through the forest from which they had long been absent. The first man was William Stuart: six feet tall, with oxen shoulders and tree branch arms. A long white beard clung to his face, but the hair above his head was closely cropped. He wore leather armor, which — though not as tough as his face — could keep away the blade of a weak man. Beside him walked Barnes Griffith, his first lieutenant. He was not yet twenty-five, with low tide lips and sand castle hair. …


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